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Visit our sites, and be social. Your comments help GSA remain vibrant, responsive and connected to the public we serve. 

Social Media Initiatives at GSA

GSA’s increasing use of social media is based upon the belief that by sharing ideas and information, we will find better ways to serve the public and fulfill our mission.

GSA’s many social media channels include Facebook and Twitter, and are listed on the tabs here. See how GSA Services, Regions and programs are connected via our social networks.

GSA encourages our business lines and service offices to use social media to communicate, collaborate, and exchange information in support of the agency’s mission. GSA’s Social Media Navigator, provides guidelines to our employees for the most effective and appropriate use of social media.

GSA’s Center for Excellence in Digital Government, provides government-wide support, training and solutions that help agencies deliver excellent customer service to the public via social media.

Take a look at all of GSA’s social media offerings and connect with us. Strike up a conversation with GSA.  We want to hear from you.


Serving as an incubator and accelerator for governmentwide solutions of new media and citizen engagement technologies, practices, and policies.

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Helping agencies deliver excellent customer service to the public via web, social media, mobile, phone, email, print and newly evolving media.

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Providing a secure, compliant framework for government agencies to negotiate terms with social media providers.

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