Exchange/Sale Property

When federal agencies have personal property they would like to replace, they can exchange or sell it, and apply the exchange allowance or proceeds to the acquisition of replacement property under the GSA Exchange/Sale Authority. This authority also enables agencies to avoid storage and other costs associated with holding property for the normal disposal cycle. Items prohibited for exchange/sale are identified in the Federal Management Regulation, FMR 102-39.

If a federal agency is interested in obtaining exchange property, it must pay fair market value for the acquired items. If GSA is unable to find a federal party interested in the property after an abbreviated, two-day, federal screening period, the items are moved into the Sales program for disposal.

Selling surplus property

Federal agencies can use services provided by GSA's Personal Property Sales Program to conduct agency sales of its surplus, exchange/sale, and forfeited personal property for a competitive fee.

GSA’s Personal Property Sales staff works with agencies to tailor personal property services to meet their needs. GSA's objectives are to conduct sales in an efficient, expeditious manner, and obtain maximum net returns with a minimum of inconvenience to holding agencies.

Last Reviewed 2015-04-30