Client Support Centers

The Office of Assisted Acquisition Services is comprised of regional Client Support Centers throughout the United States, allowing us to better serve our clients. 

The location link below will guide you to more information about each Client Support Center.




Boston, MA

Joe Nickerson

(617) 565-6727

New York City, NY

Jo-Ann Lee

(212) 264-1886

Philadelphia, PA

Mark Aucello

(215) 446-5802

Atlanta, GA

Kelley Holcombe

(404) 331-0652

Chicago, IL

Rodney Couick

(618) 622-5800

Fort Worth, TX

Alan Searsy

(817) 850-8324

Denver, CO

Penny Grout (Acting)

(303) 236-7411

San Francisco, CA

Stephen Durrett (Acting)

(415) 522-4577

Washington, DC

Darrick Early

(202) 690-9420

FEDSIM (Washington, DC)

Chris Hamm

(866) 333-7461

FEDSIM - Defense

Kenneth Evans

(703) 605-3595

FEDSIM - Civilian

Kristen Knapper

(703) 605-3619

FEDSIM - Enterprise

Michael Donaldson

(202) 208-0513

International Customers 

Office of Assisted Acquisition Services

(703) 605-3699


If you have not worked with us before, you can reach us by sending an email to


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