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Guidance for Small Businesses

Guidance for the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you are seeking answers about doing successful business with the government.

We know you have very limited time. We also know that each business is unique. That’s why OSBU offers a variety of resources to orient you quickly and thoroughly.

OSBU Overview Page

Start with the OSBU overview page, which gives you a high-level summary of OSBU service offerings. Download the comprehensive guide Doing Business with GSA, which provides small businesses with a guide to GSA purchasing programs, purchasing policies, and up-to-date contacts.

Use the OSBU Contact Form to Request Counseling

OSBU welcomes the opportunity to connect with you. If you would like to have a one-on-one counseling session with a GSA OSBU professional, please fill out this contact form and indicate that you would like to request a session. You may also ask for more detailed information through this form.


If you find terms or the processes confusing, review the OSBU FAQ for answers about how OSBU works, an explanation of commonly used terms, useful contacts (email, phone numbers, and physical addresses), programs available to small businesses, and significant regulations that guide small business government sales.


Webinars and classroom training are available to all small business owners who want to work with the federal government. The online classes can be taken from any computer; bricks-and-mortar classes are typically presented at GSA’s regional OSBU centers. Review the classes available on this schedule.

Interact: GSA’s Online Community

If you’d like to connect with other business owners and an OSBU specialist online visit GSA Interact’s Small Business Solutions. Use Small Business Solutions to meet fellow business owners, read regular blog posts from an OSBU professional, and make connections. As a whole, the Interact web set offers a digital platform for the entire federal acquisition community.

Social Media

OSBU’s official Facebook page publishes frequent updates on acquisition and GSA news, and offers yet another way to meet members of the small business community.

OSBU also has an active Twitter feed, which regularly updates the small business community on opportunities, classes, seminars, and changes affecting small business.

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