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For Customer Agencies

Federal Agencies

With PayPort Express, your agency will be able to automate the entire audit, approval and payment processes of all freight related expenses – helping you:

  • Lower processing costs;
  • Improve spend visibility;
  • Gain more control over the cash flows;
  • Strengthen TSP relationships; and
  • Streamline account reconciliation.

How it Works

  • Agencies submit their bills of lading (BOL) electronically to PayPort Express;
  • TSPs submit their invoices electronically to PayPort Express;
  • PayPort Express performs a pre-payment audit and matches pricing to TSP invoices;
  • If pricing matches, the payment is initiated automatically;
  • If pricing does not match, it goes into the solution's web-based interface as an exception;
  • At this point, your agency can negotiate terms and come to an agreement with the TSP – all online;
  • TSPs are paid daily via ACH for all approved invoices; and
  • Your agency receives one monthly bill consolidating all your TSP invoices.

To learn more about how PayPort Express works for your agency, or to begin the implementation process, visit the Getting Started web page.


Maria Gutierrez
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