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Open Government Library

Browse this collection of references and stories for a complete picture of GSA's Open Government activities and the policies directing them. 


These comprehensive plans demonstrate GSA's commitment to openness in government. Version 3.0 of the GSA Open Government Plan reflects the work of the agency from 2014-2016 and paves the way forward as we continue to pursue openness as an operational standard. We welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing our dialogue with you as we help to shape a more open government for tomorrow. Read the Plan >

The agency's previous Open Government Plans collectively demonstrate the steps GSA has taken to make government information and processes more open to its stakeholders and the general public.


Links to print, web, and radio stories and highlights of GSA videos.  Explore Open Gov news >


Executive Orders, GSA Directives, and a range of agency information made available to provide greater transparency. Review Open Gov references >


GSA’s ongoing projects help create a more open agency that embraces innovations in acquisition, energy, hardware, and technology. See the list of Initiatives >



Senior Officials
Leading GSA's 
OpenGov Efforts

Kathy Conrad
Principal Deputy Associate Administrator
Office of Citizen Services
and Innovative Technologies,
Leading Open Government

Christine Harada
Acting Chief of Staff
Co-Leading Open Government

Michael Casella
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Accountable Official, Quality of Government Spending Information

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Darlene Meskell
Director, Global Government Innovation Networks
Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies

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