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Recovery & Reinvestment in the Region

Celebrezze Federal Building exterior showing one finished and one unfinished sideThe Great Lakes Region has obligated $843 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, the second highest GSA regional obligation nationally and more than 15 percent of GSA's total Recovery Act budget of $5.5 billion.

Much of the region's Recovery Act investment has gone to energy saving efforts, including one of the largest over-clad projects ever done in the United States, providing a new exterior skin and thermal blanket for the A. J. Celebrezze Federal Building in Cleveland. The building is pictured at right showing a half-finished exterior, while the photo below shows a close-up of the work in progress.

Since Recovery began, the Region has spent $809 million in major modernization, leasing, and various small Recovery Act projects. The Region's Recovery Act outlays through May 2015 make up 15 percent of GSA's national outlays of $5 billion.

Workers on scaffold assembling new exterior paneling on the Celebrezze buildingClick the following links to view video stories of Recovery Act projects in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis.


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