1500 E. Bannister Road: Building 6

This section contains documents, testing results, reports, work plans and other information related to the Bannister Environmental Program as it pertains to Building 5 at 1500 E. Bannister Road. The information is updated periodically. If you have questions regarding the information in this section, please send them to the R6 Environmental mailbox at R6environment@gsa.gov.

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1/3/2011 EPA report on vapor intrusion sampling, third round. Testing shows still no risk to occupants or children and ventilation system is working. Please refer to EPA_Summary_PhaseIII.pdf for interpretation of test results.
12/23/2010 EPA report on soil and groundwater testing. Results just received from June 21-26 sampling event EPA conducted. Chlorinated and petroleum compounds and metals.
12/08/2010 Drinking water testing in room 1118E. Single outlet in subject room was overlooked in prior testing. Results show no copper, trichloroethylene (TCE), iron or total suspended solids (TSS).
11/29/2010 GSA issues and EPA approves addendum to Work Plan/QAPP. Addendum finalizes the sampling and analytical methods for beryllium and uranium in air and dust.
11/08/2010 GSA Corrective Action Plan to Inspector General (IG) Report. Dates and Tasks for completing each of the four recommendations made by GSA IG in their 11/8/2010 Report.
11/08/2010 GSA Heartland IG conducted a review of the Bannister complex. As requested by Congressional Representatives, the report identified four recommendations: Build on actions taken, establish controls for information and knowledge, determine CERCLA status.
11/30/2009 FY-2010 Ventilation Check of Mail Handling Hood, Bannister Complex, Kansas City, MO, Check of mail room hood. Ventilation for mail service found to work properly
09/11/2009 VOC Sampling in Mall level for TCE and DCE Results showed either nothing detected or levels well below values of concern.
12/18/2008 Department of Energy (DOE) Sampling of GSA's GW Monitoring Wells, Bannister Federal Complex, 1500 E. Bannister Road, Kansas City, MO. DOE has requested permission, which was granted, to conduct periodic (typically annually) of the GW monitoring wells around Building 50. Files contain locations of wells, third-party agreement and other references to wells DOE wants to periodically monitor.
03/15/2008 IAQ at Building 41, Complaints were received regarding IAQ in Building 41. The area is warehouse with a small office. Mold sampling was requested by USDA and results showed no abnormal levels.
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