Federal Integrated Solutions Center

FISC Business Model Image -- using solar system metaphor with FISC at center surrounded by e-Gov travel, financial services, payroll and child care subsidy

The General Services Administration (GSA) Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Federal Integrated Solutions Center (FISC) in collaboration with the Office of the Chief People Officer provides a full suite of financial, payroll, and human resource services and systems. FISC provides integrated shared services that enhance effectiveness, improve efficiency and reduce risk for federal government agencies which allow them to focus on their core missions.

FISC provides the best value long-term solution that meets the current and future needs of your agency. The GSA is a provider of expert integrated process technology and management solutions for federal government agencies.

GSA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), Federal Integrated Solutions Center (FISC) provides synergies for federal government agencies. GSA is dedicated to providing agencies, along with a variety of Presidential Boards and Commissions, a suite of integrated shared services. Our portfolio allows agencies to focus on their core mission while leveraging GSA’s expertise and resources. We work with your agency to implement and integrate these support services.

Specifically, GSA offers the following services:

Our Commitment to You:

We will provide sound financial management stewardship, quality-focused, and performance-based service delivery, a rigorous and disciplined approach to project and service management and excellent customer care to ensure your desired results are achieved.

GSA is dedicated to working side- by side with our customers to build a solid infrastructure. No matter what the size or requirement of your agency or commission is, GSA is dedicated to working with you to build a solid partnership to at whatever level is needed.

Take advantage of the GSA FISC office where quality and customer care is our priority and is reflected in our motto, “Service above and beyond expectations.” As a customer of the GSA, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, a dedicated Customer Service Representative will be assigned to your agency to aid in any way needed to provide you efficient and cost effective quality services.


Last Reviewed 2016-01-21