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Montage of images from the Fine Arts Collection

The Fine Arts Program manages GSA’s Fine Arts Collection to ensure its safety, accessibility, preservation, and appropriate use in order to enhance and promote high-quality work environments for federal agencies and the public they serve.

The Fine Arts Collection is one of our nation’s oldest and largest public art collections. It consists of permanently installed and moveable mural paintings, sculpture, architectural or environmental works of art, and works on paper dating from 1850 to the present. These civic works of art are in federal buildings and courthouses across the United States. In addition, more than 20,000 small moveable New Deal works of art are on long-term loan to museums and other nonprofit institutions. Maintained by GSA as a part of our national and cultural heritage, the Fine Arts Collection serves as a reminder of the important tradition of individual creative expression.

Key to the montage of art. Information about the artwork illustrated is included below. ARTWORKS SHOWN ABOVE (Clockwise from top left)

  1. R. Scott Baltz, Opening Sky Stillness, 2013, Bangor ME. Photo by R. Scott Baltz
  2. Francis Criss, City Landscape, 1936. Photo courtesy of Page Conservation, Inc.
  3. Russell T. Limbach, Blues Singer (detail), 1937. Photo by GSA
  4. Ward Lockwood, Pioneers in Kansas, between 1934 - 1943. Wichita, KS. Carol M. Highsmith Photography
  5. Alexander Calder, Flamingo, 1974. Chicago, IL. Carol M. Highsmith Photography
  6. Diana Moore, Urns of Justice (detail), 1999, Lafayette, LA. Carol M. Highsmith Photography
  7. Basil G. Hawkins, We Sings, 1940. On loan to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI. Photo by University of Michigan Museum of Art


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Online Gallery Coming Soon

GSA is creating an online gallery to share one of our nation’s oldest and largest public art collections. The virtual museum will bring the Fine Arts Collection directly to your fingertips. The American people will have instant access to these reminders of the important tradition of individual creative expression.

If you have photos of these public works, please share them on social media using hashtag #PublicArt

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