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Green Proving Ground (GPG) is assessing technologies in the following areas:


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Seven technologies selected for evaluation from the 2015 RFI



Daylight Redirecting Window Film > This film redirects daylight that enters through the upper portion of windows to the ceiling, where it is reflected and diffused deeper into interior workspaces. DRF has the potential to improve workspace daylighting while reducing glare. Findings available in 2017.



Circuit-Level Energy Monitoring > This technology analyzes energy use in real time on a circuit-by-circuit basis. Compared to traditional submetering, the data delivered is more granular and installation promises to be less costly. Findings available 2017.



Continuous Combustion Control System > This system optimizes the fuel mix in gas-fired boilers to increase boiler efficiency and reduce emissions. Findings available in 2017.

Intelligent Energy Valves for Hydronic Systems > This technology reduces the power consumed by pumps in hydronic heating and cooling systems by maintaining an optimal temperature difference (Delta-T) between fluid supply and return lines. Findings available in 2017.

Smart Ceiling Fans > These fans monitor a room’s temperature and humidity, and automatically adjust fan speed to maintain occupant comfort as environmental conditions change. Findings available in 2017.

Smart Scrubbers for HVAC Load Reduction > This technology reduces the volume of outside air required to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) by using absorbent materials to selectively remove contaminants from HVAC airflow. Findings available in 2017.



Building-Integrated Photovoltaics for Windows > BIPV are power-generating components designed to replace conventional windows within the building envelope. They have the potential to improve the energy efficiency of the building envelope while simultaneously turning large surface areas into electricity generating assets. Findings available in 2017.


The Green Proving Ground program leverages GSA’s real estate portfolio to test innovative building technologies and provide recommendations on their deployment.


Last Reviewed 2016-04-11