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Energy Management

The Green Proving Ground program has commissioned Department of Energy National Laboratories to perform real-world measurement and verification of the following technologies in pilot installations in federally-owned buildings. Preliminary technology assessments are available below as PDFs.


Preliminary Technology Assessments

In the News: From the 2014 Program Lineup

Passive Thermal Storage Platform > This HVAC optimization tool leverages the physical structure and contents of large commercial buildings to store thermal energy and reduce peak energy use. Findings available 2016.

Predictive HVAC Optimization > This cloud-based software layers weather and building-use data on top of existing building automation systems to optimize HVAC operational strategies per each 24-hour period. This evaluation will be hosted as a joint effort with the Department of Energy. Findings available 2016.


Socially Driven HVAC > The socially driven web-based thermostat is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control system that enables office building occupants to control their thermal environment through a mobile device or web page. The software collects and processes occupant preferences in a “social networking /gaming” environment; artificial intelligence technologies then calculate the most efficient way to satisfy those preferences using the building’s HVAC system. Findings available 2015.


The Green Proving Ground program leverages GSA’s real estate portfolio to evaluate innovative sustainable building technologies.



Green Proving Ground

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