On-site Power and Renewables

The Green Proving Ground program has commissioned Department of Energy National Laboratories to perform real-world measurement and verification of the following technologies in pilot installations in federally-owned buildings. Preliminary technology assessments are available below as PDFs.

Preliminary Technology Assessments

In the News: From the 2015 Program Lineup

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics for Windows > BIPV are power-generating components designed to replace conventional windows within the building envelope. They have the potential to improve the energy efficiency of the building envelope while simultaneously turning large surface areas into electricity generating assets. Findings available in 2017.

Honeycomb Solar Thermal Collector > A solar thermal collector generates hot water, which can be used for service water heating (SWH), space heating, or process heat. This product employs a ‘honeycomb’ design that promises greater heat gain on the energy-collecting surface and thus higher efficiencies than traditional flat-plate or evacuated tube collectors. Findings available in 2016.


The Green Proving Ground program leverages GSA’s real estate portfolio to test innovative building technologies and provide recommendations on their deployment. 


Last Reviewed 2016-04-19