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Managed Mobility Program

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GSA's Mobility Program includes two primary components: Managed Mobility and FSSI Wireless.

Managed Mobility

GSA’s Managed Mobility Program was established through Milestone 5.5 of the Digital Government Strategy to address Mobile Device & Application Management. With this program we developed a list of resources available to agencies wanting to securely manage their mobile devices and applications. We have used this same methodology to address Mobile Lifecycle & Expense Management.

Agency Benefits

Saves Time – Agencies can tailor the established requirements to fit their particular agency needs, and the means for expeditious procurement via existing government-wide vehicles have been pre-established.We have provided agencies with all the tools and information needed to procure solutions in a fraction of the time.

Saves Money – By saving time related to requirements writing, market research, and solutions assessment through existing vehicles, we are, by default, saving agencies money that can be used in other ways. By identifying accessible baseline pricing, an agency CO will be in a better position to negotiate price points with the solution providers. Discounts from listed prices should always be sought. We have identified the upper-most threshold for this pricing, which vendors should start reducing their pricing from in order to compete.

Includes Access to Expertise – The GSA Managed Mobility team has both the technical and procurement expertise to understand what agencies are seeking in terms of technical functionality, and walk through the options and considerations that are available to agency personnel as they develop their acquisition strategy and execution.

In future phases, GSA will look at ways to grow, scale, evaluate, and improve new technologies.

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