Creating Excellent Experiences for GSA Customers

The Mid-Atlantic Region’s Public Building’s Service (PBS) strives to continually enhance and improve interactions with all of our federal customers.  We view our contracted resources both as valued service providers and as partners in creating excellent experiences for our customers in all of our collective interactions with them.   

The ultimate goal of creating excellent experiences for our federal customers is to both build the highest level of trust with customers and to ensure we meet their program objectives and unique definitions of long-term success.

The goal of making continuous gains in serving our federal customers aligns with the core organizational values of PBS.  In particular:

  1. It fosters openness.
  2. It maintains and grows strong relationships.
  3. It rewards innovation.
  4. It utilizes our best talents.
  5. It does all of these things within our project management team based culture.  

The four standards associated with creating positive and memorable customer experiences - respect, ownership, value, and excellence - are individual yet collective frameworks through which we predictably, consistently and continually provide our customers – and each other – with excellent experiences that ultimately defines our relevance and our success.

Last Reviewed 2015-10-14