Mobile Devices Current and Future

GSA has a consolidated single mobile device contract. This contract, with Verizon, is for mobile services. It provides services throughout the country, with the exception of a number of places which do not receive Verizon services. Verizon provides a selection of devices, for free, to GSA. When GSA needs to recompete this contract, GSA will conduct an alternatives analysis. We expect to see if the current exception services can be rolled into the new single service provider contract.

GSA has monitored use of its mobile device services. We set a baseline range for normal and acceptable usage. We disconnected the services to GSA personnel who did not meet the minimum usage standards for a combined voice and data services. GSA has also launched a campaign to encourage our mobile services users to use a smart-phone rather than mobile device phone services for accessing remote meetings using Web-Ex, thus saving mobile minutes which had quickly exceeded the maximum minutes before surcharges for the monthly service kicked in. This is very important as GSA converts to a primary telecommuting environment.

Managing Information as an Asset Current and Future

GSA is currently going through an agency-wide transformation to more effectively and efficiently serve our customers. As part of that effort, we realized that GSA needs to do a better job managing and governing our data and information assets to support strategic decision making. To achieve that goal, we have assembled a team of subject matter experts from across GSA's business lines to create an Information and Data Concept of Operations (Con Ops) for how GSA should manage and provide data and information in the future.

The GSA Data and Information Management Con Ops is divided into three sections: 1) Services and Processes, 2) Architecture, and 3) Governance and Policy. GSA’s future Data and Information Governance and Policy operations will govern GSA’s data and information management services throughout the agency, be they services used by a single program, the full agency, or to customers outside of the agency commensurate with GSA’s role across the federal government.

In the Information and Data Con Ops, we are outlining the future functions, processes, and policy changes needed to promote the interoperability, openness, and security of data and information throughout information lifecycles. We are developing a transition roadmap to move GSA from its current operating approach to the future information and data operating model. The GSA Data and Information Management Con Ops is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2013.

GSA is embarking on implementation of the newly issued policy of Open Government recently issued by the White House. The Open Government policy will be embedded into all information management activities.

Last Reviewed 2014-12-02