Case Studies

Explore case studies to discover lessons learned and success stories. These are real world implementations of the Total Workplace initiative.

GSA Headquarters: The Total Workplace model in action.

Office of Personnel Management (OPM): OPM and GSA (National Capital Region and the Center for Workplace Strategy) developed the OPM Innovation Lab to redefine the office workplace.

GSA National Capitol Region: NCR's Office of Planning and Design Quality (OPDQ) transitioned an outdated setup into an open space layout with smaller “home base” workstations, and devoted the remaining space to a variety of shared-use workplace settings and functions.

GSA Heartland Region Lab: This prototype is a test bed concept for clinical trial of sorts to research, experiment, and measure physical and organizational solutions for the mobile workplace.

Bureau of Reclamation Bennett Federal Building: In late January 2012, the Mountain Plains Service Center was given $1.2 million of FY12 BA54 that was programmed for another project. The anticipated six month housing plan immediately became a three month project to create a housing plan for the three buildings in the Salt Lake City area. The project required the team to identify tenants, determine requirements, design and reach agreements with agencies for the Bennett Federal Building.

Last Reviewed 2016-03-22