Mariposa Land Port of Entry



Mariposa LPOE renovation and expansion were completed in August 2014.

GSA anticipates no further traffic advisories due to construction. CBP updates estimated border wait times hourly.

Traffic Advisory (Aviso de Trafico)


GSA understands the impact Mariposa Land Port of Entry has in the local community. We foster close working relationships with community partners and stakeholders.

Environmental Review - Read how the project complies with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and see what is planned for environmental sustainability.




  • Busiest land port in Arizona for privately owned vehicles (POVs)
  • 2,832,290 northbound vehicles processed each year
  • 307,626 northbound commercial vehicles cross each year
  • 3,238,929 northbound pedestrians cross each year
  • Main entry point for fresh produce entering from Mexico for the West Coast
  • Project size approximately 216,000 gross square feet
Modernization and Expansion
  • Originally 4 commercial primary booths > Now 8 booths
  • Originally 33 commercial secondary inspection dock spaces > 56 spaces at the completion of Phase 4 in August 2014
  • Originally 2 commercial exit booths > Now 5 booths
  • Originally 4 POV primary inspection booths > Now 12 booths
  • Originally 4 POV secondary inspection spaces > Now 24 spaces
  • Northbound pedestrian processing walkways and inspection facilities
  • Originally no outbound inspection booths and supporting outbound buildings > 5 booths at the completion of Phase 4 in August 2014
Time Frame and Funding Status
  • Phase 1: November 2009 to November 2010 (Fully Funded)
  • Phase 2: September 2010 to April 2012 (Fully Funded)
  • Phase 3: May 2012 to November 2013 (Fully Funded)
  • Phase 4: December 2013 to August 2014 (Fully Funded)
  • Estimated project cost: $187 million
  • Includes $173.7 million in ARRA funds

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No traffic advisory currently in effect.

Ningún aviso de tráfico actualmente en efecto.


Last Reviewed 2015-02-17