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Technology Deployments

GPG’s real-world evaluations of building technology performance often result in deployment recommendations. These guidelines help GSA facilities managers and others understand what constitutes appropriate and cost-effective use of the technologies we assess.

As a result of recent GPG assessments, GSA is deploying the following technologies:

Advanced Power Strips

Desk-based technologies and other electronics account for roughly 25% of a building’s electricity consumption and often continue to consume power, even when turned off. Based on evaluation results that demonstrated a 26% reduction in workstation plug loads, GSA is currently installing advanced power strips to eliminate wasteful phantom power in more than 80 federal facilities across the nation, including its Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Data centers consume roughly two percent of all energy used in the United States, and their carbon footprint is projected to exceed that of the airline industry by 2020. Based on evaluation results that showed a 48% reduction in cooling load and a 17% reduction in overall all energy use, GPG is supporting the installation of wireless sensor networks in two GSA-operated data centers.


Green Proving Ground