Telecommunications and Network Services

Agencies can save significantly on a broad range of telecommunication services through GSA's region-specific contracts and other acquisition vehicles that offer large scale government volume pricing.


Verizon has notified GSA that their OCTEL voicemail system equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer and has been discontinued. Verizon has selected a new UMS voicemail platform that will meet or exceed the expectations of our WITS 3 Verizon voicemail users. All users on the Verizon OCTEL voicemail system will be required to transition to the new United Messaging System (UMS), reprogram their call forwarding features, and re-record their voicemail greeting. The Verizon UMS voicemail upgrade will begin in January 2016 and continue through May 2016. Verizon will roll out the upgrade based on the billing accounts under the Wits 3 contract. The old voicemail boxes will be deactivated after 30 days.

Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS) 3


WITS 3 is an IDIQ contract managed by the Network Services Division for the National Capital Region (NCR).  WITS 3 provides for commercially available telecom and IT products and services to over 140 federal agencies and bureaus in Washington DC as well as surrounding Maryland and Virginia counties.

In partnership with our WITS 3 vendors, Level 3 and Verizon, WITS 3 provides value and ease-of-use to our federal customers in reduced pricing over market and other GSA contracting vehicles, the options of direct or centralized billing, 24x7 vendor web portal access for direct ordering of products and services, and support of key technologies and government initiatives such as Cloud and telework. To learn more, visit the WITS 3  webpage.

Long Distance Telephone Services

Long distance service is provided at discounted rates to federal and Department of Defense (DoD) clients. Switched and private line service can be provided for voice, data, and fax. Networx provides agencies with even more choices.

Wireless Communications Services and Solutions

Agencies can save on cell phones with local, regional, national or international calling plans, wireless PBX installation - all this and more is available through GSA's Wireless Store.

Last Reviewed 2016-06-07