Leasing Overview

Leasing Space to the Government

GSA, the nation's largest public real estate organization, provides workspace for more than 1.2 million federal workers through its Public Buildings Service.  Approximately half of the employees are housed in buildings owned by the federal government and half are located in separate leased properties, including buildings, land, antenna sites, etc. across the country. An updated listing of this inventory is posted after the 15th of each month at Monthly Lease Inventory. Its downloadable excel spreadsheet contains data elements including the information most requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

GSA prepares an annual turnover analysis (Excel .xlsx format) on its lease inventory as requested by the commercial realty community. This is the latest analysis; however, GSA does not recommend that business decisions, in particular portfolio and financing decisions, be based upon this analysis.

GSA leases space in diverse locations when leasing is the best solution for meeting federal space needs. Many GSA leases are for 10,000 square feet or less, so owners do not have to be corporate giants to compete for lease contracts.

More information on negotiating federal leased opportunities is available on the Negotiating on Federal Leased Opportunities page.



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Lease CI Request For Information (RFI): On February 6, 2015, GSA PBS Office of Leasing and the BOMA Industry partners participated in an industry Roundtable discussion in an effort to share best industry practices, suggested improvements, and financial concerns in relation to the GSA Federal Leasing process.  

As a response to the BOMA Roundtable, GSA has published a Request for Information in an effort to garner additional lease process feedback, actual cost impacts, potential solutions, and in some cases direct collaboration and participation regarding a specific list of topics.

Click here to register and respond to the Lease Continuous Improvement RFI



Leasing Forms are now available in the Leasing Desk Guide's Searchable PDF page in chapter Appendix C - Forms, Samples and Models.  Appendix C is a searchable PDF with links to the most recent Leasing Forms. 


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