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Personal Property for Reuse and Sale

Personal Property refers to tangible items ranging from common products, such as office equipment and furniture, to specialized apparatuses, including scientific devices and heavy machinery.

GSA's Office of Personal Property Management helps federal agencies dispose of personal property that is no longer needed. At the same time, it helps other federal agencies and state, local, and public organizations acquire these items.

The public can purchase personal property that is not needed by federal agencies or by state and local organizations.

Government regulations mandate that federal agencies consider acquiring excess personal property first, before purchasing new items. Each year, this approach saves the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.


GSA helps federal agencies dispose of personal property that is more than they need. After internal screening, GSA facilitates the transfer of excess property from one federal agency to another. GSA also helps federal agencies find and obtain this property. 

Property acquired from another federal agency does not require payment beyond shipping and transportation costs in most cases.



State and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies can obtain surplus personal property that is no longer needed by federal agencies.


The public can buy surplus personal property that is not needed by either federal agencies or by state and local organizations. The public can bid on most of the property at GSA AuctionsSM.


For information on federal real property assets and disposal, visit Real Property Disposal. For personal property, additional useful links include National Utilization Officers and State Agencies for Surplus Property.


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Personal Property Management Contacts

GSA Personal Property Management Offices

GSA Area Property Officers

Federal Agency National Utilization Officers

State Agencies for Surplus Property

E-Tools for Agencies
  • GSAXcess® helps eligible customers report, search for, and select personal property.
  • Agency Asset Management System (AAMS) supports customized disposal systems within customer agencies to report, select, and transfer excess personal property.
  • Energy Asset Disposal System (EADS) helps agencies report, select, and transfer excess personal property exclusively within the Department of Energy (DOE).
  • MySales provides federal agencies with the ability to manage and monitor their personal property reported to GSA for sale.


E-Tools for Citizens
  • GSA AuctionsSM lets the general public bid electronically on a wide array of federal assets. All registered participants can bid on one or many items (lots) within specified timeframes.
  • GovSales helps citizens and businesses locate government assets for sale and promotes government sales through a centralized, citizen-centered website.
  • Surplus Personal Property Sales lets the general public view non-Internet sales and a listing of items offered on each sale.
  • Computers for Learning (CFL) allows schools and educational non-profit organizations to obtain excess computer equipment directly from federal agencies.

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