Furniture Schedules

Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center Furniture and Furnishings Schedules

Currently, GSA has three Schedules for furniture and furnishings, security equipment, and related services. Customers can purchase the furniture directly from GSA Advantage!®. For more information on Schedules, visit the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) page or visit GSA eLibrary to get more information on different types of Schedules, or a listing of contracts under the Schedules.

  • Schedule 71 covers furniture and related services for offices, household and quarters, packaged furniture, special use furniture (hospitals, classrooms, etc.), security cabinets, safes, vault doors, map and plan files and accessories, and special access containers.
  • Schedule 72 covers floor coverings, carpets, mats and furnishings such as lamps, draperies and coordinating bedding, wall art, artificial plants, and other decorative products.
  • Schedule 71, Part II, Section K covers management services related to furniture. The other furniture Schedules include services specifically related to the products covered by the Schedule, such as layout and installation. This Schedule covers services to help federal agencies plan and manage major office upgrades or moves by providing access to professional project managers, designers, asset management systems and furniture maintenance services such as refinishing and reupholsters.


Last Reviewed 2016-06-06