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GSA Fleet Solutions

GSA Fleet is dedicated to bringing customers innovative products and services to more efficiently and effectively manage their fleets. 

When and where is my vehicle being used?
Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring – Vehicle tracking and monitoring can provide agencies with valuable information regarding:

  • Vehicle locations;
  • Driver behavior;
  • Utilization; and 
  • Unsafe driving practices.

Can I get a vehicle for just a few days?
Short Term Rentals (STR) – The GSA Fleet STR program provides federal agencies with an easy way to rent vehicles and equipment to fulfill short term requirements.

Are you or your drivers receiving a high number of toll road violations and accompanying fines?
Electronic Toll Collection Systems – While GSA Fleet does not provide any of these systems; there are a number of states that offer electronic passes that can be mounted in vehicles that electronically pay toll fees each time the vehicle passes through a toll booth.


Fleet Solutions