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Northwest/Arctic Federal Buildings

New Seattle CourthouseGSA's Northwest/Arctic Region (Region 10) provides work environments for federal workers in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

The Northwest/Arctic Region designs, constructs and manages a portfolio of federal office buildings, courthouses, border stations, warehouses and laboratories. Federal agency clients are provided with quality work environments through GSA's Design Excellence and Construction Excellence Programs.

GSA provides a full range of real estate services, from property management, new construction, renovations, and facility repairs. The region also negotiates leases for federal agencies residing in private lease space and offers a full range of reimbursable real estate services.

GSA customers may contact their Property Management Service Center for any facility related questions, concerns or requests.

GSA's Northwest/Arctic Region is headquartered in Auburn, Washington.

Boise, ID Courthouse Pioneer Courthouse Portland OR Anchorage Federal Building Courthouse and Annex


Northwest/Arctic Region (10)
(253) 931-7000

Northwest/Arctic Region Building Issues
(800) 806-8145

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