Asset Management

GSA continually enhances portfolio optimization techniques by working closely with public and private sector colleagues engaged in global real estate management. Specific activities include:

  • Helping federal agencies comply with Executive Order 13327 "Federal Real Property Asset Management" through
    • Inventory Management
    • Asset Management Planning
    • Performance Measurement
  • Supporting the Federal Real Property Council (FRPC), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Senior Real Property Officers on federal real property asset management issues
  • Assisting OMB to develop programs and methods to assess agency compliance
  • Overseeing and improving the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP), the government's database of federal owned and leased assets including buildings, land, and structures (See FRPP Summary Reports for more information)
  • Inventorying and evaluating real property performance
  • Directing and developing regulations to ensure effective utilization of, investment in, and disposal of federal real property assets

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Last Reviewed 2016-03-21