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Office of Customer Accounts and Research

The Office of Customer Accounts and Research (CAR) provides enterprisewide representation of the value of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) to agency customers, and of the needs of agency customers to FAS. 

The role of CAR is to enable FAS understanding of customer requirements for the range of acquisition services, solutions and options, and to become a strategic partner in helping customers select the best value solution for their needs. CAR provides support and direction to our internal customers, the FAS portfolio’s, regarding research, outreach and customer relationship management.

The Office of Customer Accounts and Research continuously conducts research and analysis on the market, selected strategic accounts, new business opportunities, and trend and spend analyses, using available data sources and contractor support when necessary to support account management, business planning, and customer outreach activities. This will result in an improved understanding of the federal acquisition environment, increased knowledge of FAS chosen strategic accounts and their challenges and needs, and strengthened customer relationships, communication and messaging, ultimately resulting in new business opportunities for FAS portfolios and regions. 

CAR’s external goal is to create a brand for the Federal Acquisition Service that positions FAS as a customer-focused provider of innovative best value solutions. To do this, we use a combination of brand management, communications planning, and cross-portfolio coordination of efforts.

The Office of Customer Accounts and Research’s stewardship of FAS’ Strategic Accounts involves overseeing the long term relationship with key customers. The principle goal is to understand the needs of strategic customers’ portfolios of business with FAS, so the goals and objectives of both organizations are aligned to improve service delivery, deepen the business relationship, increase customer satisfaction and enhance the customer experience.


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