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National Customer Service Center (NCSC)

The National Customer Service Center (NCSC) is the source for information on any of the products or services available from GSA. The NCSC is a full-service center providing assistance and information to make acquisitions simple and efficient.

Services offered include:

  • Current pricing;
  • Order status;
  • Tracing shipments;
  • Billing inquiries;
  • Problems with a GSA Order; and
  • Schedules information.

Problem Resolution

Report a problem with any order by using Ask GSA, an online customer service solution. Ask GSA allows direct reporting of problems with a requisition or GSA Global Supply order shipment. Thus, correcting problems such as damage, short/over, wrong item, quality, tracing shipments, and merchandise returns.

VCSS Pre-registration Video


Federal Acquisition Service
(703) 605-5640

National Customer Service Center (NCSC)
(800) 488-3111

Centralized Mailing List Service (CMLS)
1(800) 488-3111

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