Facilities Maintenance & Hardware Acquisition Center

The GSA Facilities Maintenance and Hardware Acquisition Center (FMHAC) provides federal agencies with a streamlined procurement tool to acquire all the services necessary to maintain and manage a facility, or a marine vessel. FMHAC is one of the world's largest suppliers (buy or rent) of quality products such as tools, appliances, lawn and garden equipment, paints, sealant's, and adhesives to government customers on a worldwide basis.

Facilities Maintenance and Hardware Acquisition Center Schedules:


Schedule No. Schedule Coverage
03FAC Complete Facilities Maintenance Building Maintenance Solutions Energy Management Support and Services Grounds, Cemetery, and Lawn Care Industrial, Aerospace, and Marine Painting Dockside Facilities Maintenance, Repair Services and Dry Docking
51-V Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Related Services Hardware Store Department, Equipment Rental and Leasing, Tools Department, Lawn and Garden Department, Appliance Department Metal and Wood Working Machinery

GSA's Facilities Maintenance and Hardware Acquisition Center Offers:

Contracting Expertise

  • Market Research Assistance;
  • Technical Requirements;
  • Performance Evaluation Criteria; and
  • Guaranteed Competitive Pricing.

Contracting Expertise

  • Statement Of Work Scope Reviews;
  • 1102 Contracting support;
  • Statement Of Work samples via the library; and 
  • Ancillary Services.

Better Choices

  • Rental Solutions;
  • Service Solutions; and
  • Engineering Services.

Through contracting, engineering, customer service, purchasing, and the Business Development Division, GSA offers complete personalized customer assistance and order processing ,such as:

  • Providing samples for your evaluation;
  • Researching new products;
  • Locating difficult-to-find items;
  • Evaluating requirements; and
  • Developing procurement strategies.

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