Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle, and Card Services

The Office of Acquisition Operations manages all the acquisitions for TMVCS. Our mission is to deliver acquisition excellence—through timely and quality contracts and world-class acquisition service!

The Office of Acquisition Operations purchases commercial products and services across three acquisition centers of excellence in TMVCS: 

  • The Center for Travel and Transportation Acquisition buys all things travel and transportation—lodging, air travel, end-to-end travel management services (e.g., booking, reservation, and travel reimbursements), charter services, courier services, relocation services, consultants, overnight and ground shipping services, car rental services, and more! Our focus is on service delivery to customers and we strive to deliver world-class travel and transportation services government-wide.
  • The Center for Charge Card Acquisition manages the GSA SmartPay contracts that support the largest government charge card program in the world. We acquire travel cards, purchase cards, and fleet cards, as well as a variety of electronic payment tools supporting the entire government around the world! More than 3.3 million cards in circulation that help government purchase things quickly, with less red tape!
  • The Center for Vehicle Acquisition manages automotive and vehicle contracts. We buy direct from original equipment manufacturers and key industry suppliers to deliver all types and sizes of vehicles to include subcompact to full size, SUVs, pick up trucks, medium and heavy trucks, buses, alternative fuel vehicles, trailers, and customized specialty vehicles. We also support GSA Fleet, the single largest fleet service provider for all of government!

The Travel, Motor Vehicle and Card Services (TMVCS) portfolio is responsible for establishing, managing, and delivering efficient and customer-centric travel, transportation, charge card, and motor vehicle products and services to the federal government. The following program offices allow TMVCS to accomplish this:

Office of Acquisition Operations

This office supports all areas of TMVCS, developing and executing their acquisitions as well as supporting the TMVCS program management offices, industry partners, and government customers both internal and external. Acquisition Operations is responsible for:

Office of Charge Card Management

The sole responsibility of this office is to manage the General Services Administration (GSA) SmartPay Program:

  • Includes 350 participating federal agencies/organizations/tribal governments.
  • The largest government charge-card program in the world.
  • Helps agencies avoid an estimated $1.8 Billion in annual administrative costs.
  • Receives an estimated $245 Million annually in agency refunds.

Office of Fleet Management

The Office of Fleet Management is comprised of vehicle leasing and vehicle purchasing. GSA specializes in the acquisition of vehicles, and is designated as a mandatory source for vehicle purchases made by all federal government agencies under FPMR 101-26.501. Being a mandatory source, it guarantees all agencies receive the benefits derived from a single strategically sourced purchase with prices averaging significantly lower than dealer invoice.  An estimated 50,000 vehicles are purchased annually from GSA.

GSA Fleet, a vehicle leasing solution, is one of the largest non-tactical fleets in the United States; with currently over 204,000 vehicles. GSA Fleet provides federal customers end-to-end fleet management services including vehicle acquisition and disposal, maintenance control and accident management, fuel and loss prevention services, and a robust fleet management system that provides detailed and accurate data – offered in an all-inclusive rate. 

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Office of Travel and Transportation

The Center for Travel Management aligns GSA travel program provides a shared, governmentwide, operational solution that enables customers to manage their travel efficiently. This shared service maximizes the utilization of all GSA travel programs, such as:

The Center for Transportation Management provides customers with competitive rates, industry expertise, and proper management and control of transportation services of approximately $690 Million in governmentwide spending. This office manages the Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions (TDRS), Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP), and the Freight Management Program (FMP) which includes, but is not limited to the following services:

Both programs provide customers with access to GSA approved Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) who have a wealth of knowledge in the transportation industry, and can provide significant savings over commercial rates. GSA also has a Transportation Audit Division that prevents overpayments from taking place. GSA is required by statute to perform post-payment audits that allow customers to reduce their operating costs.

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Last Reviewed 2016-03-11