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Office of Human Resources Management

Mission:  To deliver a GSA Mission Ready Workforce

The Office Human Resources Management, (OHRM) leads HR support activities for the agency’s 12,000 employees. As part of GSA’s Human Capital Strategic Plan, OHRM works to:

  • Ensure strategic and organizational alignment,
  • Ensure continuity and quality of executive leadership,
  • Compete for and retain a workforce that is talented and effectively deployed, 
  • Promote a diverse workforce,
  • Create a culture that motivates employees for high performance,
  • Promote a culture and climate of knowledge sharing and continuous learning, and  improvement
  • Provide a working environment where employees can be most productive.

Additionally, under a cross-servicing arrangement OHRM provides human resources system support to approximately 11,000 employees from the Office of Personnel Management, the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the Railroad Retirement Board, the National Credit Union Administration, and various Presidential and Congressional Commissions and Boards.


GSA's Office of Human Resources Management
(202) 501-0398

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