Household Goods Tender of Service (HTOS)

The Household Goods Tender of Service (HTOS) specifies standards for transportation, accessorial services, and storage-in-transit of the personal effects and property of federal employees relocating to another duty station. It also establishes documentation and reporting requirements.

The document provides a base of qualified Transportation Service Providers (TSPs). A TSP wanting to give household goods transportation services to the government must first be approved. In addition, a TSP must sign a certification agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the GSA HTOS  agreement.

The HTOS defines duties, rights, and responsibilities of the TSP, the government agency making the shipment, the relocating employee/owner of the shipment, and GSA. It provides guidance for the resolution of problems. Refer to the HTOS Reference Library for detailed information.


Last Reviewed 2015-10-05