Key Contacts

For Federal Contracting Opportunities:

Federal Business Opportunities

Federal Service Desk
(866) 606-8220 (toll-free)

For Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Inquiries:

(855) 675-FOIA (toll-free)

Report fraud, waste, or abuse involving GSA programs or personnel:

FraudNet Hotline
(800) 424-5210

For Info on Government Travel:
(202) 208-7642

For Info on GSA Products and Services:

National Customer Service Center
Monday - Friday [Available 24 Hours]
(800) 488-3111
DSN 465-1416 (fax)

For Info on Performance Based Contracting:

Michael O. Jackson
(202) 208-4949

For Media Inquiries

Use the feedback form at left and select category "other".

For Real Estate Services

(202) 501-0112

For Small Businesses Support

(202) 501-1021

For Information and to Review and Report Sales:

Vendor Support Center
(877) 495-4849 (toll-free)
(703) 605-9992
(703) 605-9886 (fax)

Need info about other federal programs, benefits, and services?

Federal Citizen Information Center
(800) FED-INFO, (800) 333-4636


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