Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI)

Strategic sourcing is the structured and collaborative process of critically analyzing an organization’s spending patterns to better leverage its purchasing power, reduce costs, and improve overall performance. The primary goals of FSSI are to:

  • Strategically source across federal agencies;
  • Establish mechanisms to increase total cost savings, value, and socioeconomic participation;
  • Collaborate with industry to develop optimal solutions;
  • Share best practices; and
  • Create a strategic sourcing community of practice.

Federal government purchasing is decentralized and there are duplicative contracts over many organizational components. Procurement is limited by the number of contracts, the prices paid on the contracts, and the number of other existing governmentwide or agency-wide solutions. This results in significant price variations across the government for the same products and services, sometimes with the same contractor.

FSSI has been implementing strategic sourcing solutions for the government since 2005. FSSI has proven results that include cost savings, improved management visibility, and adoption of industry and government agency best practices. FSSI has helped improve the government management of commonly purchased goods and services.

FSSI solutions provide easy access to its procurement vehicles which offer business intelligence, best practice solutions, and greater discounts with volume increases. Additional benefits include that they:

  • Fulfill OMB's requirement for cross-government FSSI participation;
  • Assist with socioeconomic goals;
  • Collect and analyze data;
  • Identify trends;
  • Re-engineer business processes;
  • Replicate cost-saving business processes;
  • Share lessons learned and best practices;
  • Realize cost efficiencies;
  • Streamline the procurement process; and
  • Drive additional discounts.

Current FSSI commodity solutions include:

Historical Solutions Include:

  • Office Supplies First Generation and Second Generation;
  • Domestic Delivery Services First and Second Generation; and
  • Telecommunications Expense Management Services (TEMS).

* The Library of Congress is the executive agent for this FSSI solution.

To learn more, please visit: strategicsourcing.gov.

Last Reviewed 2015-12-14