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Hazardous Waste

GSA's Public Buildings Service (PBS) and tenant federal agencies manage government-owned and leased facilities so that any hazardous waste present poses minimal risk to the environment and to building occupants and visitors.

Hazardous wastes may be generated through routine activities, such as cleaning, operating, and maintaining a building, and through small and large construction projects.  GSA and tenant agencies work together to identify, manage, and reduce environmental risks associated with hazardous waste.  In accordance with federal environmental laws and regulations, GSA policies, procedures, and contracts require proper hazardous waste management to minimize potential risks to human health and to the environment.  

GSA's Green Purchasing Plan requires GSA to buy products that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment. In particular, the Plan gives preference to the procurement of products that do not contain toxic chemicals and hazardous substances, which helps to reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated.  

To learn more about green purchasing to minimize hazardous waste, visit GSA's Green Procurement Compilation (GPC) site.  



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