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Office of Enterprise Infrastructure

The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure operates GSA's Information Technology (IT) infrastructure software and systems. They implement, operate, maintain and support our mission critical systems and applications. A partial listing of the IT services we provide includes:

  • IT Help and on-site support;
  • laptop, personal computer, and tablet management;
  • mobile device management including smart phones and tablets;
  • mobility and teleworking related initiatives;
  • network operations support;
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services and support;
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) and remote access support; and
  • virtual meeting software, video conferencing and live video streaming services;

Many of these services are tracked through performance metrics. All are supported through the GSA IT Service Desk. The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure also provides on-site staff and quality support throughout GSA, including its' regions.



Teresa Curtis
(816) 926-7224

Brian Muolo
(703) 605-9120

James Leverso
(617) 565-5802

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