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Office of Enterprise Infrastructure

The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure operates GSA's Information Technology (IT) systems, which support business and management applications for GSA's service and staff offices. The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure provides the following services:

  • Network Operations Support
  • Service Desk and Local On-Site Support
  • PC Management
  • Smart Phone/Cell Phone Management
  • Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device (A3) Services
  • VoIP Services and Support
  • Remote Access Support (Citrix, VPN and VDI)
  • Video Services
  • Collaboration Central (including conference services) Program Management

Many of these services are tracked through performance metrics. All are available through the GSA IT Service Desk.

The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure also provides Office of the Chief Information Officer staff in each region to ensure quality on-site support to all GSA staff.



David Alexander Shive
(202) 501-6468

Jason Donow
(202) 694-8123

Brian Muolo
(703) 605-9120

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