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Financial Asset Services

Financial Asset Services provide access to firms that assist agencies with financial assets such as loans, revenue streams, real property, and intangible assets. Services include financial advising, transaction asset resolution, due diligence and support, debt collection, loan servicing, and professional legal services.

Federal agencies have unique missions, run different systems, and operate purchasing plans with diverse levels of contracting expertise. In response, GSA offers a variety of purchasing programs to fit each agency’s requirements or purchasers can call upon GSA’s office of specialists who will customize a program for their agency. 

A list of the Schedule contracts is identified below.


SIN Description
520 1 Program Financial Advisors take a global view of an agency’s asset portfolio, provide advice, implement the design of the portfolio, and assist the agency to manage, dispose, and resolve the use of its assets.
520 2 Transaction Specialists review asset resolution, provide execution recommendations and marketing expertise, and analyze budget and credit reform.
520 3 Due Diligence & Support Services create asset history files for bulk sales.
520 4 Debt Collection provide debt collection and debt avoidance services.
520 5 Loan Servicing & Asset Management service, monitor and manage government-held loans and assets.
520 6 Professional Legal Services cover firms specializing in taxes, bankruptcy, real estate, securities, contracts, mortgage banking, and corporate law. In addition, this includes legal contractors advising on major project financing and asset transactions.



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