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Risk, Compliance and Auditing

GSA understands that effective auditing and strong internal controls are essential for agencies to meet their mission objectives. This group of services can help ensure your compliance, including peer reviews, program forecasting, financial system reviews, corrective action assistance, and more. It also includes a broad array of auditing services.

These services will help agencies comply with regulatory requirements found within:

  • The Chief Financial Officers Act (CFO Act);
  • The Government Management Reform Act (GMRA);
  • The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA);
  • The Inspector General Act (IG Act);
  • OMB Bulletins and Circulars;
  • Yellow Book Standards; and
  • The Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998.

Federal agencies have unique missions, run different systems, and operate purchasing plans with diverse levels of contracting expertise. In response, GSA offers a variety of purchasing programs to fit each agency’s requirements. Or purchasers can call upon GSA’s office of specialists who will customize a program for their agency. 

A list of the Schedule contracts is identified below.


SIN Description
520 7 Financial & Performance Audits include financial audits, internal control reviews, economy and efficiency audits, program results and program fraud audits and more.
520 8 Complementary Audit Services includes peer reviews and program forecasting and method evaluation.
520 9 Recovery Audits includes the identification and recovery of overpayments, disability payments, and health care costs.
520 10 Transportation Audits provides prepayment and post-payment transportation audits.
520 11 Accounting assists your agency assess or enhance accounting internal controls and improve operating efficiency and effectiveness
520 12 Budgeting includes reviews of budgetary controls and assistance with corrective actions.
520 13 Complementary Financial Management Services cover the assessment and improvement of financial management systems and corrective actions.
520 14 Audit and Financial Training Services includes course development and instruction required to support audit, review financial assessment and financial management activities.


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