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Child Care Subsidies for Federal Employees

Child care subsidy programs provide financial assistance to eligible families to assist with child care costs. These programs provide financial assistance to employees who have children enrolled, or who will be enrolled, in licensed family care homes or child care centers.

Children must be in the following categories:

  • Ages birth to 12 years of age*
  • Disabled and under the age of 18

For specific information, program eligibility and application process please select the appropriate Agency from the listing below.


* Exception: For the National Park Service (areas outside of Washington, DC), the children’s ages must fit in the range of birth to 6 years


Authority allowing Federal Agencies to use appropriated funds to subsidize child care was first established as a pilot program by Congress in Public Law 106-58 Section 643 on September 29, 1999.Federal agencies, at their own discretion, can establish a Child Care Subsidy Program for their employees to assist with the costs of child care.

Subsidy Program Contacts

Customer Service:
(866) 508-0371

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday
6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m (CST).

General Services Administration
External Services Branch/ BCED
1500 E Bannister Road, #1061
Kansas City, MO 64131


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