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Areas of Interest

Digital Strategy
We are building a 21st century government that procures and manages devices, applications, and data in smart, secure, and affordable ways, enabling the American people to access high-quality digital government information and services anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Emergency Response
We provide resources for to help you be prepared in an emergency, including information on hotlines; getting supplies, equipment, and services; evacuation; travel; and facilities management.
Federal Triangle South
We have issued a Request for Information for interested parties to address the long term needs of multiple GSA Federal Customers located in the L’Enfant Plaza area in Southwest, District of Columbia.
We lead efforts to launch, maintain, and manage the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program by providing technical expertise, coordinating efforts across government, and staffing the FedRAMP program management office.
Greening Federal Buildings
GSA, the government’s largest civilian landlord, leads the way in green building design, construction, retrofit and sustainable operations and maintenance. Through its commitment to sustainable design, GSA pledges to serve as a forward thinking and responsible steward of our nation’s economic and natural resources.
Identity, Credentials, and Access Management
We help contractors and federal employees navigate the security clearance and credentialing process.
Mobile Government
Mobile technology is changing the way people find and use information and services. Find out how government interacts with the public in this anytime, anywhere world.
NCR Development Projects
A number of projects which are underway within the National Capital Region (NCR) offer unique development opportunities for the private sector to collaborate with the public sector to develop federally owned land for private and/or public sector use.
Online Billing
We can help simplify your billing process with online tools for government transactions, including real estate, telecommunications, vehicles, global supply, information technology services, and reimbursable work authorizations.
Open Data
GSA makes available a wide range of data sets to the general public as part of the federal initiative for Open Government and Open Data.
Open Government
We are working hard to become more transparent, participatory, and collaborative in our business, bringing Americans into their government as never before.
Plain Language
We are committed to writing all of our new and substantially revised documents and public Web content in plain language.
Plum Island
GSA and DHS, as Joint Lead Agencies, provide information related to the sale of Plum Island, an 840-acre island located approximately 1.5 miles off the northeast tip of Orient Point, Long Island, New York.
Presidential Transition
To promote the orderly transfer of power between presidential administrations, we provide the president-elect and the vice president-elect with the services and facilities to assume their official duties.
Recovery Act
We helped implement the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, an unprecedented effort to jump-start the economy by providing increased green construction; reducing dependence on fossil fuels; promoting nationally managed, regionally executed programs; and promoting transparency in government projects.
We help federal agencies meet environmental goals by offering sustainable solutions. We act as a proving ground for innovations in buying renewable power and managing energy efficient buildings, and we provide leadership with our initiatives that are catalysts for change.
We help federal employees telework from a variety of locations, including their homes; telework centers in the Washington, DC metro area; and other alternative workplaces.
Travel Resources
We connect government employees with the policies, training, and support to travel efficiently and according to government regulations.
Total Workplace
We help federal agencies seeking to reduce their real estate costs and increase their workplace efficiencies with this national initiative strategically integrating space, people, and technology solutions customized to different workplace needs.


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