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Who Is GSA Looking For?

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GSA has job openings in many career fields, including:

  • Contract specialists
  • Financial managers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Project managers
  • IT workers
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Program analysts
  • Human resource specialists
  • Public policy experts

GSA employees support construction, acquisition services, and policies that together influence more than $500 billion a year in federal spending. From the preservation of buildings that are part of our nation’s legacy, to projects on the forefront of green building to procuring an annual $60 billion in annual business volume of cost-efficient products and services in office supplies to IT and telecommunications solutions.

I spent 20 years as an architect in the private sector and I have been very happy with my move into government service.
Career Opportunities at All Levels

Because of the breadth of its mission, GSA depends on a variety of employees with a wide range of skills. Whether you are a student just beginning a career or a seasoned government professional, your skills can help GSA get its job done.

Experienced Government Workers

GSA values the experience and the knowledge of current and former government employees. Its family-friendly policies and investment in telework have made it an attractive destination for those seeking to continue working in the public sector. GSA invites local and state employees looking for a different kind of challenge, existing federal employees looking to expand their skills, and retirees to apply and learn that “You Can Do That Here!”

Private Sector Employees

Our mission-critical functions — acquisition, information technology, and financial management — appeal to a broad mix of business professionals. If GSA were a public company, it would rank in the top half of the Fortune 500. In addition to its size, it is a leader in green building, telework, and workspace innovation. Private sector workers interested in helping GSA conduct the business of government are encouraged to apply their skills at GSA.

Students and Graduates

GSA offers students and graduates wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Our intern programs provide you with a broad introduction into GSA’s business and a place to build a career.

We also offer internships that allow you to continue your studies while exploring a career in public service. Learn more about opportunties for students and graduates..


Review openings for GSA positions at USAJOBS.

GSA Supports the Business of Government

If GSA were a public company, our $17.7 billion in revenues would place us well within the Fortune 500.

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