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What is FedRooms?

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FedRooms is a GSA program that provides hotel rooms for federal government travelers while on official business. 

It’s one of GSA’s governmentwide solutions that enable customers to manage their travel efficiently and effectively while accomplishing their missions.

FedRooms® leverages government buying power to offer safe, economical and compliant hotel lodging at per diem or better rates at hotels globally. 

Over 13,000 properties now offer the FedRooms rate. The FedRooms rate includes no early check-out fees or hidden fees.

What are the benefits to federal agencies?
By encouraging the use of FedRooms properties and rates, agencies can ensure Federal Travel Regulation compliance, and reduce their travel spending while still meeting their missions. 

How can travel managers make it happen?

  • Send an email to agency federal travelers encouraging them to:
    • Book FedRooms hotels via agency’s E-Gov Travel Solution (CGE, E2,, GovTrip or DTS);
    • Use the link (a non-government site) to make reservations with your agency's permission, or ask for the FedRooms rate(XVU) when they call in a reservation.
  • Schedule time with a GSA Center for Travel Management team member to learn more about

For more information about the FedRooms program, go to

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