Travel Reporting

There are three conditions where GSA’s Administrator is required to collect agency travel data. 

  1. When  a Federal traveler on official travel acquires other than coach-class (first and business class) transportation accommodations, Premium Class Travel Report (PCTR), or
  2. When a senior Federal official uses a Government aircraft for official travel, Senior Federal Traveler Report (SFTR), or
  3. To meet statutory requirements to collect and analyze agencies’ travel spend, Travel Reporting Information Profile (TRIP).  

In each condition, GSA has developed a set of Web pages detailing the authorities for GSA to collect the data, the criteria for agencies to assure their compliance, and a link to the appropriate Web based tool required for agencies to submit their data.

  • The PCTR addresses the requirement that federal agencies report the use of other than coach-class transportation accommodations (first and business-class) by their federal employees while on official business. View FY 2012 Premium-Class Travel Report Guidelines.
  • The SFTR is designed to assist agencies and departments in reporting their senior Federal travelers’ use of government aircraft for official business. 
  • The TRIP was created to meet the GSA statutory requirement to collect and analyze agencies’ travel spend.




Last Reviewed 2016-04-15