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Millions of Dollars in Discounts for Counter-Drug Activities

Posted June 12, 2003

This information was posted on 6/12/2003.  Information was current as of this date. 

The state of Colorado has saved over two million dollars using it. And every other state and local government that purchases law enforcement equipment for counter-drug activities can save money with this federal program too!

Through the 1122 Program, pricing agreements negotiated by the federal government are available to state and local governments. They can save 10 to 54 percent when purchasing law enforcement equipment suitable for counter-drug activities. Procurements are made through the General Services Administration (GSA), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), or the Department of the Army (DA).

State and local governments should contact their State Point of Contact (SPOC) listed on the National Law Enforcement Support Association's website for program requirements and examples of items that may be purchased. The SPOCs are responsible for training participating agencies in the procedures of the 1122 Program.

Section 1122 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 1994 only authorizes the purchase of items used in counter-drug activities. The program cannot be used to procure items for routine law enforcement functions.

Contact Cara Hoevet at (303) 236-7478 for additional information. 

National Program Contact: Carol A. Batesole at (817) 978-8667.


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