Reports Carryout

Reports Carryout provides a variety of reporting options that allow users to manage and analyze vehicle-related data via the Internet. Reports can be conveniently received within minutes by fax, on screen, or by email (excel or text format.) Large files are delivered within 24 hours.

To use Reports Carryout, sign on to GSA Fleet Drive-thru with a customer number and access code. These codes can be obtained by calling a local Fleet Management Center.

Reporting Options

Agency Incurred Expense (AIE): Allows agencies to download bill-back records

Customer-Driven Data (CDD): Assists with year-end Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) reporting by verifying or modifying the exemptions for law enforcement and emergency responder vehicles. Users may also key in and store the physical garage address of vehicles, for help in processing 701 waiver requests and for mapping a vehicle’s location relative to fueling stations and repair shops. 

The “Multi-Vehicle Edit Template” provided with this option allows users to easily identify existing fleet and provide garage address information for multiple vehicles at one time.

Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST): Provides reports on vehicle inventory, acquisition, disposal, expenses and fuel consumption. Reports are preformatted so a download can be seamlessly uploaded into the Department of Energy's FAST system.

Fuel Use Report: Allows Agency Fleet Managers the ability to monitor fuel use down to the vehicle and transaction level. Managers also have the ability to look at summarized data by vehicle and by reporting level.

Inventory Reports: Allows users to customize a report by selecting the specific fields, or select a preformatted report to review inventory and/or for processing into the FAST. In addition to standard fields that are offered in the preformatted inventory report, the customized option also includes:

  • Accounting No. 1 and 2, Fund Code (FC) and Equipment Code;
  • Agency Bureau Code, Bureau Name, Agency Indicator;
  • Billing Office Acquisition Code (BOAC) and Serial Number;
  • FSR LID, FSR Email Address, Phone and Fax Number;
  • Garaged City, State and Zip, State Covered (MSA);
  • Law Enforcement Indicator and Emergency/Emergency Responder;
  • Mileage Description, Mileage Transaction Date; and
  • Reporting Organization.

Users may also download spreadsheets on screen or by email, in Excel or text, allowing for easy viewing and analysis of all vehicle-related data.

For further assistance please direct questions to the GSA Fleet Technical Support Assistance Line, at (866) 472-6711 or forward an email to .

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Last Reviewed 2016-02-12