Green Lights (Fluorescent Lighting Fact Sheet)

The Department of Energy has provided numerous statistics showing that Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are more energy efficient than halogen lamps. In addition, CFL's are currently qualified and labeled under EPA's Energy Star Program.

CFLs have similar benefits when compared with incandescent lighting, which is the most commonly used technology for table lamps.

Advantages of fluorescent vs. incandescent:

  • Fluorescent lamps produce the same light output as incandescent lamps but use one-third (1/3) the energy;
  • Fluorescent bulbs last approximately 10 times longer than the average incandescent bulb;
  • Fluorescent bulbs emit better color rendering; and
  • Fluorescent bulbs utilize less hazardous materials than incandescent bulbs.

Lamps that accept fluorescent bulbs are currently available through GSA Multiple Award Schedule 72, Special Item Number 722-01, a Small Business Set-Aside. Some vendors offer "hard-wired" lamps (those which are specifically designed for fluorescent use), while others offer incandescent lamps with an option to adapt for fluorescent usage.

*All fluorescent bulbs must be offered in conjunction with lamp products.

Last Reviewed 2016-01-13