GSAXcess® is a totally web-enabled platform that eligible customers can use to access all customer functions, including reporting, searching and selecting property.

GSAXcess® provides agencies with a means of electronically reporting excess personal property to GSA. By using GSAXcess®, customers seeking property can avoid the cost of new procurements by acquiring the same or like items that have been reported as excess by another federal activity. Agencies can search GSA's worldwide inventory through a process known as screening, and request property for transfer by selecting specific items. The property system is available to three groups of users as follows:

  • Federal agencies;
  • Authorized nonfederal recipients; and
  • Surplus customers.

For more information on excess and surplus personal property, view State Agencies and Public Organizations and Federal Agencies. See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to learn how to become an authorized user and how to report or acquire personal property.

Updates on the GSAXcess program are available on the What's New page.

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Last Reviewed 2015-08-19