GSA Fleet - Vehicle Leasing

The first step in leasing a vehicle from GSA Fleet is to contact a Regional Office or local servicing Fleet Management Center (FMC). If a suitable vehicle is not immediately available, the request will be logged onto a waiting list. Requests that cannot be filled locally can be sent in writing to GSA Fleet Central Office at:

Office of Fleet Management (QMD)
Washington, DC 20406
Phone: (703) 605-5630

The following information is needed to consider the request:

  • Anticipated duration of the assignment and projected utilization in miles per month;
  • A statement certifying that the agency has funds to pay for the vehicle assignment;
  • A statement certifying that the headquarters agency fleet manager concurs with the request;
  • The office or activity the vehicles will be assigned to, a point of contact name, address, and telephone number;
  • The billing office and Billed Office Address Code (BOAC); (Note: If there is no BOAC, the servicing FMC can assign one)
  • Vehicle quantities, types, locations, and date required.

GSA does not guarantee that a new vehicle will be offered. Sometimes vehicles returned from other customers are the ones used to fill another agency's request. GSA does guarantee, that even used vehicles will be in good mechanical and cosmetic condition.

GSA Fleet vehicles are in high demand and some additional requests must go unfilled. The more lead-time provided before needing a vehicle, the better the likelihood that one can be located or purchased. First priority is given to fully participating customers, that is, agencies dependent on GSA Fleet for all their vehicle needs. Even fully participating agencies may have to be placed on a waiting list. Requests may be referred elsewhere if no vehicles are available, funding for the fiscal year is exhausted, or vehicle manufacturers have ceased production for the model year.

Since GSA Fleet is not a mandatory source of supply, vehicles may be leased from commercial sources without prior approval or permission from GSA. If the customer's preference is to purchase a vehicle outright, the agency must contact the Vehicle Purchasing Division for information on how GSA purchases new vehicles for federal civilian agencies and Department of Defense activities.

GSA Vehicle Replacement Standards -- Each GSA vehicle is measured against this set of minimum standards to determine eligibility for replacement. However, the ultimate decision to replace or retain any given vehicle lies with the customer's local Fleet Service Representative (FSR). The FSR's decision is based on a variety of factors that include:

  • The vehicle's age;
  • Mileage;
  • Condition; and
  • Repair history.

Unless the Fleet Center is informed otherwise, the eligible vehicle will be replaced with one of the same type. The customer's local FSR should be notified as soon as possible of any changes in requirements. If requesting an upgrade to a more expensive vehicle (for example, from a compact sedan to a sport-utility), a written justification must be submitted to certify that the upgraded vehicle is mission essential. In this way, GSA is able to keep rates low and stretch purchasing dollars to the fullest extent.

As GSA Fleet continues to grow, it becomes more and more essential for customer agencies to plan vehicle requirements as far in advance as possible. In this way, GSA Fleet is able to provide its customers with low-cost vehicles that are best-suited for each agency's mission.

To view the latest vehicle replacement standards upload the file below:

GSA Vehicle Replacement Standards [PDF - 191 KB].

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Last Reviewed 2016-04-06