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Wreckers and Carriers

GSA's wreckers and carriers contracts cover high quality towing and recovery vehicles, with enhanced features and a full compliment of standard and optional equipment for all agencies' automotive transport needs. All wreckers and carriers will undergo GSA inspection before being delivered to the customer.

Use AutoChoice, GSA's online ordering system to order wreckers and carriers.

Wreckers are versatile recovery vehicles with the capability of towing cars, pickups, and light, medium and heavy trucks. Rollback carriers are engineered to retrieve and transport cars, light trucks, ground maintenance vehicles, light machinery and a wide range of cargo.

Wrecker Standard Item Numbers:

  • 971 - Wrecker, Self-Loader, Min. 15,000 LBF GVWR;
  • 972 - Wrecker, Recovery Boom & Underlift, Min 17,500 LBF GVWR;
  • 973 - Wrecker, Recovery Boom & Underlift, Min 27,000 LBF GVWR;
  • 974 - Wrecker, Recovery Boom & Underlift, 33,000 LBF GVWR; and
  • 975 - Wrecker, Recovery Boom & Underlift, 64,000 LBF GVWR.

Carrier Standard Item Numbers:

  • 978 - Wrecker, Min. 19 ft Bed, Underlift/Stabilizer Min. 19,000 LBF GVWR;
  • 979 - Wrecker, Min. 21 ft Bed, Underlift/Stabilizer Min. 25,000 LBF GVWR;
  • 980 - Wrecker, Min. 22 ft Bed, Underlift/Stabilizer, 33,000 LBF GVWR; and
  • 981 - Wrecker, Min. 24 ft Bed, Underlift/Stabilizer Min. 38000 LBF GVWR. 

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