Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS) - Schedule 71 II K

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GSA’s Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) offers a wide variety of management services related to Furniture and Furnishings under Schedule 71 II K, Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS). The other furniture Schedules include services specifically related to the products covered by that Schedule, such as layout and installation. 

This Schedule covers services to help federal agencies plan and manage major office upgrades or relocation/reconfigurations by providing access to professional project managers, designers, asset management systems and furniture maintenance services, such as refinishing and reupholsters.

Schedule 71 II K

Offerings available Include:

SIN Special Item Number (SIN) Description
712 1 Project Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related) Comprehensive support for the design, reconfiguration, relocation and increasing/downsizing of office space and similar facilities. Furniture, office equipment, and furnishings included.
712 2 Assets Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related) Supply customer agencies with services designing and installing systems to manage office furniture and related inventories, includes warehouse and property disposal management.
712 3 Reconfiguration/Relocation Management (Furniture/Furniture Related) Services for reorganizing, consolidating, warehousing and/or opening new facilities. Furniture, office equipment, and furnishings included.
712 4 Furniture Design/Layout - Services for inclusive furniture consultations, interior design and product specifications. Furniture, office equipment, and furnishings included.
712 6 Assets Maintenance (Furniture/Furniture Related) Services for restoring, repairing, renovating, reupholstering, and cleaning of office furnishings and equipment.
712 97 Ancillary Repair and Alterations - Ancillary to the SINs under Schedule 71 II K
712 99 Introduction of new Services/Products

For more information, please review the solicitation (3FNC-B3-003001-B) at FedBizOpps, refreshed on April 29, 2015.

To find out how you can buy green using GSA's furniture Schedules, please select Furniture Schedule.

For more information on this Schedule and the Special Item Numbers (SINS) see GSA eLibrary.

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